About us

“Save your world products” was build up to give an answer to the question “What world will you leave for your children?”.

Together with our cooperation partners we offer a simple and effective alternative for lived environment and climate protection. At first in Germany, then in Europe and finally worldwide.

Through the “save your world products”-system the climate protection gets furthered actively by giving everyone a simple and transparent method for support within their daily lives and bringing the people into an environmentalism through an intelligent automatism.

We want to save our blue planet – of environmental problems, climate change and as a result of that of social, economical and human problems.We think that with our products we have paved the way for everyone. No additional effort, no additional expenditure and, to top it all of, with a reward.
With that we get nearer to our vision: leaving our children a livable future with a healthy environment.

Here you can learn why it is so important to act.

We hope that our project soon will grow and we wish to find our products soon in the super markets.
Rette Deine Welt Produkte GmbH
Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 63
D-61348 Bad Homnburg v.d.H.
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 9594685
E-Mail: info@rdwp.de
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 9594685
E-Mail: info@rdwp.de
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