Invest in the future!

In the meaning of SYWP as future-looking enterprise model as well as the invest in a livable future for everyone.

Why will “Save your world products” be a success?

1. An intelligent system

Based on the brisance and the constant presence of the topic “global warming” in the media as well as the already noticeable change of the climate and even natural disasters in many countries the problems are present in the mind of the people.

To stop the “global warming” it is necessary to:

a ) promote environmentally compatible and more energy-efficient technologies

b) guide the whole population into a stronger environmentalism and acting according to this.

Here SYWP offers a simple and efficient system with no resistance for the end-user because the consumer gets integrated into environmentalism by his daily acting. In our case it’s the purchase of food and beverages. There is no additional effort for the customer.

2. Know-How

The founder of SYWP has 17 Years of branch-specific experience in the development of professional marketing policies as well as their buildup and management including all of their relevant marketing- and advertising-factors. The Know-How relating the products will be guaranteed through the namable manufacturers, license partners and the food retail market.

3. Demand-, market- and performance-analysis

SYWP has started a survey which shows clearly the willingness of the population to support environmental protection measures within the means of SYWP.

In the forefront we have hold talks with manufacturers, potential license partners and environmental organizations. The feedback we got here was continuously positive and the SYWP-Fund-system was described as innovative and worthy of support.

Advantages of “Save your world products”

  • The SYWP-Fund and the use of environmentally friendly technologies are supported by the population.
  • With the purchase o a SYWP Product everyone can contribute his share for environmentalism which will flow under guarantee and with a hundred percent of the given amount over the SYWP-Fund to the supported Projects.
  • Unexceptional everyone can support environmental and climate protection by this way without donating money and even everyone can participate from that. At the same time a strong sensitisation on ecosensitive acting takes place. The customer gets back the financial aid he put into SYWP by purchasing a product. Therefore SYWP offers two advantages to the customer
    a) support of environmentalism within daily life and with complete transparency in relation to the use of the fund
    b) Refund of the paid-in amount (SYWP-label)
  • Companies and craft-enterprises which are SYWP-licensed will increase their sales because the SYWP-System will bring new customers to them. Not forgetting the image boost that companies receive by cooperating with SYWP for a better climate and environmentally protection.
  • Last but not least you can say that the SYWP-Systembenefits for everyone because of support for environmentalism and development of environmentally friendly technologies. The population will be sensitised through the purchase of environmental friendly product of the SYWP license partners. This could make a contribution on the global aim to stop global warming.

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Phone: +49 (0) 6172 9594685
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