Renewable energies

We advise you concerning ecologic investments which will protect climate and environment long-dated and how you can invest in renewable energies.

Basically there are all Investment-alternatives supported in the German and European subsidy-law.

Examples: photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants and according stocks which guarantee a 7 - 8 % return because of state funding.

Photovoltaic / Solarthermics

With use of solar cells sunlight gets directly turned into electric energy. Photovoltaic is low maintenance and easy to use. While working Photovoltaic produces no Pollutants or noise at all according to our philosophy.

Another future-oriented technology are solarthermic power plants. They produce water vapour through solar energy which later can be used to produce electric energy.

Wind power

The amount of renewable energies in electricity generation has grown in the past few years. Above all wind power. Based on the discontinuity of wind power caused by the weather its necessary to hedge it with conventional energy. This makes it just an additional power source. Wind power can’t replace other sources.


A distinction is made between three types of hydroelectric plants which together guarantee a safe power supply. Hydraulic power stations usually work in base load. Storage power plants usually get field flexibly depending on power input. Pumped storage hydro power stations safe energy in times of small demand by pumping the water in a superior lake. In this way hydropower is suitable to balance the variations of wind power energy.
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