What world do you leave for your children?

In the beginning there was this question and its now our motivation to continue. Environmental problems have different causes.

Environmental problems are on everyone’s lips

Current inquiry reports with their warning prognoses are causing a stir around the world as on the governments as on the citizen.

The effect of the climate change on Germanys ecological system can’t be disregarded anymore.

The climate change causes consequences in the land use. There is no yield stability for most cultivated plants anymore. Edges of woods and pine tree cultures are threatened because of storms getting stronger. Therefore a fast adjustment of our forestry will be needed.
Source: Informationsdienst Wissenschaft online

Chemical residue found in fish

Chemical residue was found in fishes from the upper-bavarian river Alz. The Fraunhofer-Institute for prozess engineering found out as they made a study by order of the radiostation Bavaria 1.
Source: News Aktuell

No all-clear signal
for the North Sea

Nearly all pollutants get swilled into the sea after a while. The big rivers like Rhine, Elbe, Weser or Thames drain some of the biggest and most industrialized regions of the world. Through the air further pollutants get into the water. All in all this turns into a man-made cocktail of chemicals.
Source: Umweltbundesamt

69 percent of the Germans await climatic disaster

The climate change seems to be more an more conscious to the population. A survey shows that two thirds of the germans think that the climate change will have a bitter ending.
Source: Spiegel Online
These are just a few samples from the media of the last two jears.
That it can’t go on like this should be sure for everyone. But which function does “save your world Products” have in this case.

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