What world do you leave for your children?

The coming generations - our children - have to pay
for our environmental sins. But there is a simple solution how to work against this trend!
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What world do you leave for your children?


In the beginning there was this question and its now our motivation to continue. Environmental problems have different causes.

Environmental problems are on everyone’s lips

Current inquiry reports with their warning prognoses are causing a stir around the world as on the governments as on the citizen.


The effect of the climate change on Germanys ecological system can’t be disregarded anymore.


The climate change causes consequences in the land use. There is no yield stability for most cultivated plants anymore. Edges of woods and pine tree cultures are threatened because of storms getting stronger. Therefore a fast adjustment of our forestry will be needed.

Source: Informationsdienst Wissenschaft online

Chemical residue found in fish

Chemical residue was found in fishes from the upper-bavarian river Alz. The Fraunhofer-Institute for prozess engineering found out as they made a study by order of the radiostation Bavaria 1.
Source: News Aktuell

No all-clear signal for the North Sea

Nearly all pollutants get swilled into the sea after a while. The big rivers like Rhine, Elbe, Weser or Thames drain some of the biggest and most industrialized regions of the world. Through the air further pollutants get into the water. All in all this turns into a man-made cocktail of chemicals.
Source: Umweltbundesamt

69 percent of the Germans await
climatic disaster

The climate change seems to be more an more conscious to the population. A survey shows that two thirds of the germans think that the climate change will have a bitter ending.
Source: Spiegel Online


These are just a few samples from the media of the last two jears.

That it can’t go on like this should be sure for everyone. But which function does “save your world Products” have in this case.


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It's totally easy!


RDWP Produkte

Everyone of us is going to the supermarket to buy food and beverages for daily life.

That’s were we come in!


Examples for SYWP products are quality products of daily life (food and non-food-products) with premium-quality.


On each product you’ll find a little blue fund-badge. This badge shows the amount going into the SYWP Fund.




So if you buy a SYWP prduct, you donate a fixed amount of money in the SYWP Fund. This amount is based on the price of the product.

You may say: “Five cents are not much”. That's righ,t but you have to consider that there are many different Save Your World Products and that each one is sold many times in many stores in Germany every day. Looking from this angle we can amass an amount to move something with your help!



The reward for you


"One hand washes the other", thats how SYWP works. With purchasing a product, you automatically support the climate and environment protection. As reward you get back the money you put in, if you make use of the ecofriendly services of our cooperation partners or by purchasing one of their products. For example the purchase of energy saving lamps, the use of solar technology, the building of a low-energy house, the acquisition of a ecofriendly vehicle and many more.

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Buy SYWP products Collect fund-badges
and receipts
Buy products / services from our partners Send us badges and receipts Get your money back





The money in this fund flows into the support and build-up of environment protection projects as well as into research for climate and ecofriendly technologies. We support major projects as well as initiatives of private individuals.



100% transparency


SYWP is a transparent company. That means, that every Cent put into the SYWP Fund will be reinstated to insure that you as customer can afford our products with a clear conscience, because you know where the money is going!

Environmentalism begins in your head!


Save Your World Products offers extensive consultation for environmentally and climate friendly lifestyles and activities.


Eco-consulting for companies / Workshops for executives and employees

Enhance the environmentalism of your employees and your company with our individual workshops, tools and strategies. To focus some things:


Ecological sustainability

The aim is to achieve nature and environment for the following generations. This contains the protection of the biodiversity, climate protection and the care of naturally culture regions in their initially shape and a economical and considerate exploitation of land.


Economic sustainability

Our economy should be oriented in an enduring acceptable base for acquisition and economic vitality. To protect economic recourses of exploitation is of particular importance.


Social sustainability

Social sustainability opens a way to participation for the whole society. This contains a focus of social power with the aim to achieve a sustainable and livable society.


That's what we offer for you
with our “Green Consulting”


Based on constantly upgraded information and cognitions and with modern methods of training we enhance the environmentalism as well as quality of live and work of every employee. The development of a apposite “Green Philosophy” is vital for the success. Thereby we reach a huge motivation of your employees in every department most of all where the customer contact is, in the sales department.


We offer you capable and strategic consulting for your “Green Management” and for your lived and positive looking “Green Philosophy”.

Our accomplishments:



After a detailed demand analysis we build individual concepts and strategies based on your companies needs and your medium- and long-dated aims.

This all happens by use of the most modern project management: clearly structured and goal oriented.


Focused on the corporate strategy individual conversations, full-time trainings, weekend trainings will be realized to train employees and executives for an ecosensitive live.



Ecological investments


We advise you concerning ecologic investments which will protect climate and environment long-dated and how you can invest in renewable energies.


Basically there are all Investment-alternatives supported in the german and European subsidy-law.


Examples: photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants and according stocks which guarantee a 7 - 8 % return because of state funding.



Further consulting accomplishments

for environmentally compatible appearance of your company and the successful commercialization of your products:


Marketing concepts

Planning, conception, implementation, trade marketing


Sales concepts

Direct marketing, internet sales, phone sales, POS action, promotion service


Trade fair marketing

Stand marketing, stand project schedule, hostess service



Press service, public relations

Renewable energies


We advise you concerning ecologic investments which will protect climate and environment long-dated and how you can invest in renewable energies.


Basically there are all Investment-alternatives supported in the German and European subsidy-law.


Examples: photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants and according stocks which guarantee a 7 - 8 % return because of state funding.


Photovoltaic / Solarthermics

With use of solar cells sunlight gets directly turned into electric energy. Photovoltaic is low maintenance and easy to use. While working Photovoltaic produces no Pollutants or noise at all according to our philosophy.


Another future-oriented technology are solarthermic power plants. They produce water vapour through solar energy which later can be used to produce electric energy.


Wind power

The amount of renewable energies in electricity generation has grown in the past few years. Above all wind power. Based on the discontinuity of wind power caused by the weather its necessary to hedge it with conventional energy. This makes it just an additional power source. Wind power can’t replace other sources.



A distinction is made between three types of hydroelectric plants which together guarantee a safe power supply. Hydraulic power stations usually work in base load. Storage power plants usually get field flexibly depending on power input. Pumped storage hydro power stations safe energy in times of small demand by pumping the water in a superior lake. In this way hydropower is suitable to balance the variations of wind power energy.

Partnership models


We offer manyfold ways to support climate and environment protection with us. Here we would like to acquaint you with the two most important. Furthermore you also have the option for an investment .


Cooperation partner

Cooperation partners are companies which advertise climate and environmentally friendly products and services that can be used by end-users under the reward-program.


As SYWP cooperation partner you even profit in different ways:
By using our reward-program we direct new customer to you and you can increase your sales. Not forgetting the image boost that you receive as company cooperating with SYWP for a better climate and environmentally protection.


License partnership

As a commercial license partner you have the option to brand your existing products with a SYWP-label and to deposit the according amount to the SYWP-Fund automatically.


For your own commercial execution you will be supported by us with marketing material which you can use by your own discretion to exhaust your options:

License partner companies will be checked in the forefront relating their range of service and live cycle assessment.

Invest in the future!


In the meaning of SYWP as future-looking enterprise model as well as the invest in a livable future for everyone.


Why will “Save your world products” be a success?


1. An intelligent system

Based on the brisance and the constant presence of the topic “global warming” in the media as well as the already noticeable change of the climate and even natural disasters in many countries the problems are present in the mind of the people.


To stop the “global warming” it is necessary to:


a ) promote environmentally compatible and more energy-efficient technologies


b) guide the whole population into a stronger environmentalism and acting according to this.


Here SYWP offers a simple and efficient system with no resistance for the end-user because the consumer gets integrated into environmentalism by his daily acting. In our case it’s the purchase of food and beverages. There is no additional effort for the customer.


2. Know-How

The founder of SYWP has 17 Years of branch-specific experience in the development of professional marketing policies as well as their buildup and management including all of their relevant marketing- and advertising-factors. The Know-How relating the products will be guaranteed through the namable manufacturers, license partners and the food retail market.


3. Demand-, market- and performance-analysis

SYWP has started a survey which shows clearly the willingness of the population to support environmental protection measures within the means of SYWP.


In the forefront we have hold talks with manufacturers, potential license partners and environmental organizations. The feedback we got here was continuously positive and the SYWP-Fund-system was described as innovative and worthy of support.



Advantages of “Save your world products”


You wish further information? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Just click here ...

About us


“Save your world products” was build up to give an answer to the question “What world will you leave for your children?”.


Together with our cooperation partners we offer a simple and effective alternative for lived environment and climate protection. At first in Germany, then in Europe and finally worldwide.


Through the “save your world products”-system the climate protection gets furthered actively by giving everyone a simple and transparent method for support within their daily lives and bringing the people into an environmentalism through an intelligent automatism.


We want to save our blue planet – of environmental problems, climate change and as a result of that of social, economical and human problems.We think that with our products we have paved the way for everyone. No additional effort, no additional expenditure and, to top it all of, with a reward.

With that we get nearer to our vision: leaving our children a livable future with a healthy environment.


Here you can learn why it is so important to act.

We hope that our project soon will grow and we wish to find our products soon in the super markets.

You want to know more?


Of course our team is available for your questions, suggestions and critics.


Just call us: +49 6172 - 68 18 965

Or send uns an email: info@rdwp.de


Also you can contact us by mail:


Rette Deine Welt Produkte GmbH
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